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We can help you with all aspects of sustainability, whether you are:

  • Trying to lower ever-increasing energy costs
  • Satisfy planning conditions; address Carbon Reduction Commitments and legislation requirements
  • Reinforce your positive reputation
  • Or, simply care about your carbon footprint and impact on the planet

Triple Bottom Line is underpins our approach and values – where truly sustainable projects must be Economically, Socially and Environmentally viable.

We provide sustainability consultancy services for clients in all areas of development, communities, construction and asset management. We also develop innovative, carbon-reducing technologies for the built environment. As an organization we are BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes assessors and Passivhaus designers.

An area of particular expertise is retrofitting design solutions and technologies to existing building stock and reusing existing buildings. Our sustainable design solutions not only improve the energy performance of buildings by up to 80%.


Innovation is at the core of everything we do and as such we have a dedicated R&D team that develops novel technologies for the built environment. One such technology that we have pioneered is kinetic energy harvesting:

We have also worked with a huge array technology/material providers and installers across a huge variety of buildings. This depth of knowledge has led to us becoming expert in the field of retrofit.  We act as advisors to universities, Building Research Establishment and various other trade bodies.

We work with all types of innovators to develop thier technologies for the built environment. We can help secure R&D funding, build consortia, bring technologies to market and create high profile case studies and exemplars.

Case Studies

EcoHut ReallySmartHouse

Do you have a project where you have insufficient funds to progress? Do you have a vision or aspiration but lack the respurces to realise it? Would you like to expand or extend a scheme that you are already executing? We can help you in grant and fund finding as well as fundraising activities and sponsorship. We are expert in matching projects with funding pots, writing successful applications and project managing the delivery. For clients who are closely aligned to our values and mission, we often carry out early stage research and feasibly work pro bono. We are able to work "at cost" when required and can contribute in-kind match funding.

With our significant experience we help clients to secure resources for projects, especially where we are improving the environmental or social sustainability of a scheme. To date we have helped clients secure in excess of £20M in areas including:

  • EU and European Regional Development Fund 
  • Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Carbon Trust 
  • CESP / CERT / Green Deal / ECO
  • Technology Strategy Board
  • Section 106 and CIL



architecture-engineeringArchitecture & Engineering

We design buildings for you! Seems logical, but many professionals are too eager to design buildings for their portfolios. Our approach is very different, we are completely client focussed, and involve the building owner and building users in the design process. We also recognise the that biggest cost and biggest risk in a project is construction. As such, we like to work closely with contractors during the design stage to improve buildability, reduce construction costs and mitigate risk.


If you are a charity or social enterprise, or you need to consult and liaise with a community to deliver a project - we can help you realise your plans. 

We have vast experience working with a diverse range of stakeholders including childern, eldery, disabled, residents, business, government, special groups, minority groups and others. Our extensive consultation expertise ensures that any interventions receive maximum engagment from any given community. 

Over the years we have become highly skilled in all aspects of consultation and liaison. Our proven systems achieve very high levels of resident and stakeholder buy-in, and exemplary levels of resident satisfaction, both of which are way above industry averages. This capability has delivered large area-based retrofit schemes in very deprived areas, areas that typically have a low take-up rate.

Other areas of our expertise includes: surveys, running community events, marketing, publicity, film-making, workshops, fun days and training.


This is when it gets really exciting, seeing plans start to materialise out of the ground. We are able to assist you with a comprehensive range of services to ensure that the construction phase progresses smoothly and projects are delivered on time and on budget. These include: contractor tendering and selection, contract / project management, site management, clerk of works, CDM-C, BREEAM and CSH assessments and resident / stakeholder liaison.

Our approved list of contractors and specialist suppliers/installers greatly reduces risk and improves cost certainty. Our supply chain boasts leading technology providers that can drive innovation to reduce carbon from buildings, make them more efficient and resilient to climate change, more affordable to construct and operate as well as ingenious, beautiful and exciting. 

We are pioneering Design-led D&B. This is our approach to Design & Build contract execution. We believe that D&B can deliver stunning buildings, faithful to the original design intent, still with the cost surety of an absolute budget. We achieve this by involving contractors in the design process to improve build-ability and tighten up a building specification early on.  

We have fully adopted Building Information Modelling (BIM), and are pioneering new ways to integrate processes and decision-making about a project from earliest conceptual stages, through design and construction, through its operational life and eventual demolition.

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