A little bit about us

This team consists of architects, interior designers and human resource personnel who work together to ensure that the needs of the clients get met.

Who are we?

We achieve this by studying the laws applicable to the industry and finding ways in which we can exploit various opportunities to the advantage of our clients. What’s more, we can listen to what a client wants and make a drawing of the same owing to our conceptual skills. We also come in with some ideas to help the client along the way if they need some help in bringing their dream to life. We are not rigid and are always open to new ideas of doing things. If we see a trend on the market that could prove beneficial to our clients, you bet that we are behind it one hundred per cent. We also ensure that the client’s needs come first throughout the consultations and implementation.

We are simple such that we will work with designs that will not cost you much in the long run. They are also designs that will offer you the most out of your living space. So, who are the individuals behind this team? Check them out:

Margaret Woods

margaret woods profile Margaret is the managing director of the company, having come on as a founder back when it started. Before then, she had been working in another architectural firm as an architect. She handles the day-to-day activities of the company, follows up on contracts and ensures that all departments are operating efficiently. She holds a master’s degree in architecture and is currently pursuing higher education. She teaches part-time at a local university where we also get interns during the holidays as we work on imparting skills to the younger generations. Other than architecture, Margaret also has a keen interest in charity work, and her hobbies include running, knitting and swimming.

Allan Harris

allan harris profile Allan also came in as a founder when the company began. Before joining The Facility, he had started his firm and was in the process of merging it with another sizeable company. His joining of The Facility affected the creative division to a great extent, owing to his ability to conceptualise with ease. He currently heads the creative division where he works with other architects in bringing out the best designs in projects. At present, Allan holds an undergraduate degree in architecture, and he’s undertaking a master’s degree program. When he is not at work, Allan spends his time in the outdoors.

Sheila Baqri

sheila baqri profile Sheila is one of our architects under the creative division, and she has worked in the company for the last four years. She holds an undergraduate degree in architecture and hopes to pursue higher education in future. In her free time, Sheila loves to read novels.

Dennis Garcia

dennis garcia profile Dennis works as an assistant to Margaret, and he looks into whether there are smooth operations in the company. If Margaret steps away, he takes over and does an excellent job at it. Now and then, Dennis works with the creative division. He holds an undergraduate degree in architecture, and he loves to sing in his free time. He also adores his dog.

Bruce Wilson

bruce wilson profile In the planning division, Bruce is the head, and he handles the planning permissions as well as any other documentation that is necessary for processing approvals. He too holds an undergraduate degree in architecture. His hobbies include football and skiing.

Mario Lopez

mario lopez profile Mario handles the communications to ensure that no messages get lost in transition. As such, our clients have an assurance that all their feedback gets to us and Mario makes sure that they hear back from the recipient soonest possible. In his free time, Mario enjoys football and cooking.

Sara Bishop

sara bishop profile Sara runs the human resource department and ensures that everyone gets along for enhanced productivity. She enjoys knitting and dancing in her free time.

We have quite a team and are always eager to hear from new clients. Contact us today!

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