When it comes to flats, we have worked with an extensive range of clients.


lovely abstract apartment

Backstory Mathew came to us with a dream, and the only challenge in his way was how to go about the planning permissions. He had recently acquired land which was home to some empty garages and was unsure of how the council would react to his plans.

The Process Mathew’s main concern was that the land was not vast and that there was a need for parking and amenity space considerations when working on the design. We came up with a plan that enabled him to have the number of flats that he wanted while ensuring that there was adequate recreational space such that he would get permission to go ahead with the project.

Result The applications got approved, and he was able to get started on the process. He is now a happy landlord, looking forward to generous incomes at the end of each month.


amazing landscape building Backstory Steve knew that flats would get him more income than a single unit home but was unsure of how to go about it. The area he wanted to develop the apartments in had pretty strict zoning laws, and he felt that this would work against him.

Process On reviewing the laws, we realised that though he lived near a strict zoning area, he was in fact in a position to develop flats if he so wished. Armed with this information, we worked on a design and submitted the applications for approval.

Result Steve now owns a block of flats in an area that has recently seen an increase in developments. The rents are going up, and he is set to get more from his investment.


affordable living apartment Backstory Barbara felt that her space was too big for her and her son and she decided to lease out the upper half while still working and living on the ground floor. The income was good, but she was curious as to whether she could get more from the venture.

Process We advised her on splitting the upper space into flats which she could rent out to more tenants. The planning permissions went through without many hurdles, and we came up with a great design.

Result She and her son now occupy the ground floor, where she also has an office, and she has four tenants above her. The income is much better than before.


block flat Backstory Gordon purchased some land and was quite eager to put up a block of flats. The only catch was that he wanted to do things differently and not just when it came to the design. He aspired to build with alternative building materials and was concerned about the planning permissions.


After many consultations, we finally zeroed in on the best materials to use in the development, and we forwarded our application to the council. It went through, and Gordon was beside himself with joy for the months that followed.


He finally got the houses ready for occupation, and the tenants are not only awed by their functionality but also by the expansive spaces that make the flats so unique. He is no working with us on his dream home as he has an assurance that we have his back.


simple and minimal flat Backstory Cindy wanted to develop flats, but she felt that her budget was working against her in more ways than one. She finally decided to pay us a visit in the hope that we could provide her with a solution.


Once we reviewed her project, we could tell that the amount of money she wanted to spend on the flats would mean that she would spend more time on recouping her money than she would in enjoying the returns. We pointed this out, and together, we came up with a design that was feasible, simple and within her financial ability.


Cindy now owns six houses which provide her with a steady stream of income. What’s more, she recently received a handsome offer on the properties as their value has been rising over the years.

If you want to develop flats, The Facility has your back. We have seen and heard a lot, and we are open to new experiences. If we have not come across a project like yours, we sure would love to. Contact us today!

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