Creative wedding decoration inspirations

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Over time, you begin to realise that you keep coming across the same decoration ideas at weddings. The bouquet becomes a standard design, the tablecloths start looking similar, the aisle decorations no longer have much difference, and you begin to feel as if you are attending the same event over and over. Déjà vu becomes the norm each time you get an invite, and you settle into the cycle. But there is no reason that your big day should be part of the cycle. If you want something different that will have both you and your guests basking at the moment, here are some concepts to help you along the way:

Go Minimal

The standard way to go when it comes to the bouquet is to have a big bunch that stands out. People go all out with the bouquet such that it may have tens of flower species in it. While this worked in the past and made quite a statement, this is not the case at present. It has become a norm, and it is almost an expectation that you would step onto the aisle with a big bunch of flowers leading the way. Dare to be different by carrying a minimal bouquet. Not only is this the way to showcase your modernity but this look also oozes class and chic. Sometimes, easy does it, as is the case with a small bouquet. On the plus side, you won’t have much weight on your shoulders on your big day.

Stamp your Name

Get a good artist to come up with a stamp consisting of you and your partner’s first initials. Use this stamp on everything from the invitations to the table numbers all the way to the wedding signs. In this way, it will be quite difficult for anyone to forget the main reason behind the event and it will have a lasting touch on the memories of all people present. For consistency, be sure to have the stamps in many places but be sure not to overdo it though.

Change the Toppers

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Yes, in the twentieth century, the bride and groom toppers were the norms. People went all out with this idea, including the one where the bride was holding on to a groom trying to escape the wedding. They were cute, funny, and meaningful and a whole lot of other things that made them special. However, times have changed, and people are over them. Go for something different. You could even go for a light bulb where you could declare your partner to be the light of your life or some other phrase that would get the crowd going. Think outside the box, and you’ll be sure to find something that speaks to you as a couple as well as something that works with the day’s theme.

Personalise the Style

Suppose the two of you are ever touring different parts of the world and you enjoy doing it together, you can incorporate this in your theme. Having some leather luggage tags holding the place cards or something else in the ceremony will remind the two of you how much you love travelling together. It will also add a special touch to the day. Whatever the two of you enjoy, have it represented in the day and you could avoid going with what’s standard in the market.

Go Neon

People have often used wooden and mirrored signs to exude elegance, and this has worked well in the past. As is the case with most trends, this too has lost its charm over the years, and your best bet lies in using neon signs with sweet slogans.

Colour the Reception

As people walk into the reception, ensure that there is something there to remind them of the day’s vibe. Suppose you are going for an old romantic setting, you could have an old typewriter at the entrance of the venue to complete the look.

These and other ideas are a sure way to make your big day stand out from what we have grown to consider as the norm.

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