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Before we get into the various projects that we have undertaken in this category, we will take you through a showcase of some of the Feng Shui practices that we put into our work. Over time, we have realized that people associate these practices with wellness and there is an increasing number of clients who walk through our doors asking to have this kind of design.

Why Feng Shui

While we are not side-lining other design practices, we have come to rely on this technique in getting the best ambience from spaces. It not only helps us decide on the best placement of rooms, but it also adds to the value of a home when the time comes to resell it. Not just that, but the principle also calls for the integration of the exterior environment in the design of the home. As such, we take streets, buildings and other life forms into consideration when designing the interior for a perfect balance between what’s on the outside and what exists on the inside. Through the use of various colours and objects in the design stage, we can provide our clients with drawings that satisfy their need for balance.

We can talk you through more about this design technique as well as others that could work for you. The reason behind highlighting this one is to speak to most of our clients who seem to have a preference for it. Here are some of our projects in this regard:


Backstory Celestine felt that her space was getting smaller by the day and this eventually left her frustrated. She came to us as a last resort, wondering if we could do anything to help before she moved out of her apartment.

Process Luckily for her, we had some tricks up our sleeves, and with a few changes to the house, she could barely feel the space closing in on her as she had initially felt.

Result Celestine still lives in the flat and recommended a few of her friends with the same problem to the company. So great were the results of these projects that our work ended up in a showcase of a design magazine.


Backstory Brian’s parents were moving into his guesthouse for a while, and he felt that the conditions in the space were not very accommodating.

Process With a few extensions in play, we were able to convert the dull space into a vibrant house. We ensured that we got the planning permissions in time to allow him to get started on the tasks at hand.

Result The guesthouse had more space, air, flexibility and a ton of other features that Brain wanted his parents to enjoy.


Backstory Kevin was quite pleased with the house that he had bought. The only problem he faced was that his space seemed to be too small to accommodate his family and their pets. After much brainstorming, he came in, hoping to get some answers.

Process His house was quite big, and it turned out that most of the issue lay with the usage of space. By coming up with solutions as to how to use the available space, we were able to help Kevin and his family enjoy the house more.

Result The house now feels roomier, and he and his family are happy with the changes.


Backstory Martin’s youngest daughter was about to wed, and he had the perfect gift for the occasion: a new house. However, the house did not live up to his expectations regarding the layout.

Process We worked on the interior by redesigning what felt out of place as Martin geared up for the big day.

Result His daughter loved the gift, and she plans to move in once the honeymoon phase is over.


Backstory After many adjustments to her home, Sophie was at a loss of how she could increase her space without going higher. We suggested that she go low and this caught her by surprise.

Process By splitting her basement, we created an additional room which she could use for a gym and storage.

Result She was quite happy with space and asked if we could go lower. And that’s how she ended up with a double basement. Like we tell our clients, all you have to do is ask and we’ll take care of the implementation.

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