Are you looking for an architect to help bring your vision to life?

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The Facility’s team is here to hold your hand throughout this milestone. Whether you are adding an extension, converting your current house into many flats or starting from scratch by building a new house, we have got your back. Check out what we can do for you:

Building a new house

Building a house from the ground up can be very challenging, and most people try to avoid it. Truth be told, though the process takes a toll on you, the results are gratifying and, you will be thankful for every minute you spent on the house. Luckily for you, we can make the process much easier by helping you come up with an elegant design that will make work simple for your structural engineer. In the end,you are sure to have a space that is aesthetically pleasing and whose cost is within your means.

All this is possible thanks to our experience in the field, having come up with hundreds of designs that continue to wow our clients as well as anyone who steps into these spaces. The same also goes for clients who wish to put up flats as we will handle everything from the permissions all the way to the designs.

An Extension

With an extension, not only do you get to increase the amount of space available to you, but it also increases the value of your home. If you choose to let go of the space in a few years, you will get a lot more for it. We come up with side, rear, floor, wraparound, a double storey as well as mansard extension designs, as well as for any other additional space that you want.

Flat Conversion

It is not uncommon for a client to want to increase their investment portfolio by converting their house to flats. We have handled such planning permission cases before, and we know how to get the approvals done in record time, thus allowing you to embark on your wealth creation with a head start. We also work with you to let you know what sizes are best for flats as well as special features that you could incorporate to make the houses marketable to the target market.

The process

We start by going through the feasibility of the project, and once you feel satisfied with what you have in mind, we can then move on to getting planning permissions. And that’s not all. Though we will ensure that we stick to the concept that we have in mind, we also work with the environment in which the house will be such that it can blend in with the local culture. In the end, your landscape and your house will complement each other, and your property can thus stand out from the rest in the area.

You have our assurance that we will let you direct us on what views we should emphasise on, the materials that you want, the technology that should be in place as well as any other factors that are necessary for the process. In this way, the dream that we bring to life will be yours and yours alone.

When it comes to the interior design, we ensure that each house oozes a different identity, while taking into account the needs of the client and how the home blends in with the outdoors. As such, no two houses from our clients will be alike. Even if a client was to come and ask for a specific house design that their friend has (and this happens a lot), we end up adding special touches to space, and thus no two structures are similar through and through.

After all, everyone’s heart beats to a different song, and the same goes for houses. You will find that you too will get to know what works best for you from our frequent interactions and the process of designing your home will be quite fun. We aim to wow you with our skills of making your dream take shape. Contact us today, and we’ll get you started on this fruitful journey.

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