Success Stories

Here are some of the exciting projects that we have undertaken in the past, and we will share them with you, having obtained prior permission from the mentioned individuals. Enjoy.

An Extension

Backstory When we first met Joseph, he was struggling with the decision to either expand his current home or move to a bigger space. He and his wife were expecting twins, and they felt that their home could not support their expanding family. Though he was aware of extensions, he was not quite sure whether they would look right and if they would work.


We worked with Joseph and took him through the various options. He eventually settled for double storey extensions which would provide his family with enough room for the kids.


Our plans were simple and to the point, and the structural designer had no issue in implementation. Instead of spending lots of money on a bigger space, Joseph welcomed his bundles of joy in the extended space and got to save lots of money in the process.

Flat Conversion

Backstory Martha had just finished educating her children and was ready to move to a smaller space. The only issue she faced at the time was what to do with the house that had proved to be too large for her. We broached the possibility of splitting it into flats.


Martha, on seeing how much more money she could get from the flat as opposed to what she could get form renting out the house as one unit, agreed to the project. Planning permissions and a feasibility test out of the way, we worked on the design and came up with a satisfactory solution.


She now owns two one-bedroom flats alongside two studios, and she’s quite happy with the returns coming her way.

Interior Adjustments

Backstory Linda and Caleb had just moved into their house, but they felt that something was missing when it came to the flexibility of the space. They came to us for ideas and were quite pleased with what we had to offer.


All it took were a few alterations and a space that once felt confined was bursting with freedom in all corners.


The couple felt satisfied with the adjustments and are now happy to show off their space to their loved ones as they settle down to start a family.

Building Flats

Backstory Alex had inherited a house from a relative, and for long, he had let it sit on the land, unsure of what to do with it. He eventually consulted us.


It was evident that the land in Alex’s name was quite prime and thus the house was not the highest and best use of the property. Having agreed on this, we undertook a feasibility test as to what would give him the best returns, and we settled on a block of flats. He had the capital to back the idea which he readily accepted.


Two years on, Alex is in the final stages of the construction, and he already has buyers lined up to take up the spaces. Yes, he is a delighted man right now!

Building a Home

Backstory Joy loves challenges, and when people advised her against building a home from the ground up, she knew she had to do it. From the moment she walked through our doors, she was intent on making her dream come true, and we helped her the best way we knew how.


She already knew what she wanted, from the exterior all the way to the finishes, and our work was mainly in the planning permissions approvals and the drawings which she carefully vetted. Working with Joy was quite interesting as she had lots of ideas to incorporate.


The design was entirely different from the ones we often undertake, and we all had a wonderful experience working on it. She moved into the house and is now looking to add some extensions.

These are some of the interesting people that we have come across in our line of work. We look forward to working with you and getting to share your story with thousands of other clients like you!

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