Gorgeous wedding venues in England

gorgeous wedding venue

Three, when you eventually get a good one, you find that you have to book months in advance to get it. It is for these reasons that brides have been known to go to great lengths to secure the venues that they find most suitable for their events.

If you are about to embark on this journey, worry not as we have done most of the preliminary work for you. All that remains is for you to book the venue. Here are some of the most beautiful wedding venues in England at present:

The Barnsley House

This location is in Barnsley in the Cotswolds and guests as well as couples who have been here praise it, owing to the great experiences that they had. Suitability

If you are looking to have your wedding in a countryside-themed environment, this venue will suit you. Thanks to its remote location and the greenery all around it, you and your guests will enjoy the scenery as you take lots of beautiful photos. It can hold up to one hundred guests at one time, and if you wish, you and your guests can take over the entire hotel for a night or two. This kind of privacy is sure to make your wedding all the more special. While staying here, you can enjoy the cinema before popping in for some spa treatments as you head down the aisle. The price range starts at twenty-one thousand pounds.

The Ned

This venue is in London and is an excellent option for someone looking to host more guests in a more urban setting. Suitability

This establishment goes by many titles. Part of it is a hotel, with the other part serving a restaurant and a private members’ club. However, all these activities do not get in the way of the events that take place on its sixth floor. Guests get to enjoy the sights in the city from this point, and you can have as many as one hundred and twenty people grace your occasion. With six rooms as well as two outdoor terraces, you will not be short of space. There are rooms available if guests wish to stay before the event and while here, they can enjoy the spa, gym, pool and lounge services. The price range starts at thirty thousand pounds.

The 30 St Mary Axe

This venue also goes by the name The Gherkin, and it is in London. It is an excellent option for anyone looking for the urban vibe at a reasonable price. Suitability

Guests in this venue get to enjoy the views of London from this skyscraper. With 360-degree views, the guests will not have a dull moment, and you will enjoy the lively atmosphere. The price range starts at five thousand pounds.

Hawkstone Park Follies

This venue is in Shropshire where you not only get to enjoy serenity but also get to take lots of pictures in the beautiful landscape. Suitability

There are century-old monuments in this place as well as deep woods, cliffs and caves. The enchanting atmosphere makes this an excellent location for romantics to exchange their vows as they overlook the beautiful valleys below. The rates start at eighty-five pounds a guest.

The Lime Wood Hotel

This venue is in Hampshire, and it also boasts of serenity and beauty. Suitability

Imagine exchanging vows with your partner in a country home set in a national park. How romantic would that be? On top of that, there is a roof garden from where you can capture lots of breath-taking moments. The price range starts at thirty thousand pounds.

The Royal Pavilion

This venue, set in the heart of Brighton, is quite a unique place to get married. Suitability

If you are in the mood for something iconic, then this is a great place to wed. You can access some favourite music rooms while here and add to your beautiful experience in this pavilion. The price range starts at six hundred pounds.

Book an excellent venue today and watch everything else fall into place.

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